WJBzone Autocad Stuff

Autocad is a trademark of Autodesk
Below are compiled versions of lisp utilities I write and use.
Free to download and use.
No guarentee on accuracy, let me know if you find errors.

DeedCalcV005.xls - (DeedCalcV005.zip zipped).
Excel Spreadsheet to enter metes and bounds from a deed.
Spreadsheet calculates coordinates, plots the deed on a chart in the spreadsheet.

Option to output a script file that can be input into Autocad.
When scr file (created by spreadsheet) is read into autocad,
it creates layer(s) for Polyline, Labels, Line Numbers,
Bearing/Distances and can draw a circle at each endpoint.

Note that it does contain a macro to write the script file.

Instructions are in the spreadsheet, but email me if you have problems.
GcodeOut.fas - (compiled lisp program).
Generates a Mill CNC Gcode file into the current Autocad drawing folder.
User selects polylines and 3dpolylines. Current UCS is program zero.
Works in Autocad 2000, 2004.
Post is setup for TurboCNC. Post can be changed.
Gcodein.fas - (compiled lisp program).
Reads Mill CNC Gcode file into the current Autocad Layer.
Set the number of lines to read each time you hit Enter.
Rapids are color White, Feeds are color Bylayer
Ver 2
--Updated 4-29-04--
GcodeOutL.fas - - (compiled lisp program) .
Generates a Lathe CNC Gcode file into the current Autocad drawing folder.
User Selects polylines. Current UCS is program zero. Autocad X is lathe Z, and 2Y is lathe X.
Ver 2. Added OD and ID grooves.
Ver 3. Faces added
GcodeinL.fas - (compiled lisp program).
Reads Lathe CNC Gcode file into the current Autocad Layer.
Set the number of lines to read each time you hit Enter.
Color changes with tool change
Ver 2
tt.fas - - (compiled lisp program).
Labels a line with a Bearing.
Use for a survey drawing.
Uses dimtxt for text size
Ver 1
3D Gcode using MDT. Turn flowwires into toolpaths. MDT (Mechanical Desktop) has a flowwire function that works great with surfaces.

I wish this flowwire function could be added to stock autocad. If anyone knows of a addon please let me know.
DeedOut.fas (compiled lisp program)
Writes a deed description based on selected polyline
to folder where your drawing is saved.

Also labels drawing lines with bearing and (optional distance)
CrossSection.fas (compiled lisp program)
Draws a crossection aligned to select baseline points and topographical contours.
Beta Version - works but need to add grid.
Contact me about these items
Future downloads to be posted:
ReameOut - Generates text file to run with REAME.exe
SwaseOut - Generates text file to run with SWASE.exe
SedimotOut - Runs sedimot from spreadsheet
ContourLine - Generates an interopolated contour line based on existing contours.
GPSin - reads in file from Corpscon converted Garmin file and plots points and labels.
StatePlaneOut - Outputs state plane coords (KY South only so far) for use with Corpscon and GPS.
LatLong - (see screen shot below)

ATS - Autocad To Shapefile.
Setup for DMP Ram 158. User selects Autocad polyline(s) and add associated text attributes.
Click "Create Shapefile" and it uses autolisp to export a text file that is read by a python script. The Python script reads the text file and converts coordinates (using Corpscon6.dll) and writes shapefile that can be added to ArcGIS / ESRI.

Records are saved in the Autocad drawing dictionary. Each record can be edited and saved with the drawing session.

Latitiude Longitude on Autocad Drawing

LatLong macro written in VBA uses corpscon6.dll to label latitude/longitude on your autocad drawing that is in a State Plane coordinate system.

Either type in the Lat/long and click "Lat/Long to SPCS" to insert a point on your drawing
Or click "Pick Point" and latitude / longitude will be labeled at the point you select on the drawing.
Triangle.fas - Compiled Lisp Program
Contour Surfacing
Creates 3d-faces (triangles) between contours that can be converted to solid.
Option to run in manual or automatic mode
Works with lwpolylines, 2d and 3d polylines.
M. B. Engineering
Programs Inc.
These programs are not Autocad Related.
Contact me about these Mining related DOS programs:
(formerly sold under MB Engineering Programs)
Reame.exe - Rotational Equlibrium Analysis of Multilayered Earthworks
(Program developed by Dr Yang H Haung 1976)
Swase.exe - Sliding Wedge analysis for slope failure.
Sedimot.exe - Pond design
Sdbk - (simplified dambreak)

Basic programs:
Pipesize - Pipe size calculations are based on critical flow theory
Phreatic - Phreatic line calculation for Reame use with dams.
Link to Tahlcam.
Create cnc Mill programs in Autocad. Has many more features then my lisp program above.

My uncompiled version (lsp) of the above (fas) Autocad files may be purchased.
$10.00 each - contact bill@wjbzone.com
No guarentee on my programming technique.

Below are the standard template, acad.lsp and utility files I use for my Autocad drawings.
(I never know when I might need them on the road.)

My Autocad 2000 template. (acad.dwt)
Saved views, UCS, dimstyle
My Autocad 2000 acad.lsp file. (acad.dwt)
Defines keys, reads in other utility lsp programs
My Autocad 2000 acad.pgp file. (acad.pgp)
Defines keys not defined in acad.lsp
Function to copy selection into current layer.
Function to copy selection into a layer named "z-save".
Example use: Copy a polyline before you extrude or solid before subtract.
(selection will be saved in layer Z-save)
Function to label a point with XZ lathe values
Lathe programming tool.
Function to calculate the 3d angle between two lines
Function to change to layer of selected object
Function to create a new layout
(from template named 1-layout.dwt layout named dtl-)
Function to create a new model view on current layout in Layer 0
Function 3dorbit about target
Autocad 2004 Setup Notes.
Autocad 2004 acad.pgp file.
Autocad 2004 wjb.lsp. Called from acad.lsp (load "wjb.lsp")
Autocad 2004 New Drawing Template.
Autocad 2004 New Layout Template (used by lll.lsp)