WJBzone CNC Raised Letter Signs


I have the 3d-toolpath for each 2" high letter drawn in Autocad.
(This toolpath is for a 1/4" ball endmill)
I can scale the toolpaths up and down by even increments to get a new size letter.
Scale up by 2x and use a 1/2 ball endmill gives me a 4" high letter.

I can cut-paste-scale-rotate the toolpaths and generate new G-code to cut my signs.

Making a raised letter sign
(from 1 x 12 pine)

Rough out using 1/2" Square bit.

Finished with square bit.

Finishing the 3" high letters with a 3/8" round bit.

Ready to cut outside Edge.

The finished sign:

Mailbox numbers

Sign for a Engineering Business.
(Made from cedar and coated with varnish)